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Dann’s Premium Ice Cream Range

We are so excited and have had so much fun creating this new range.  Dann’s premium range is exactly what is says on the tub. This ‘udderly delicious‘ ice cream is churned with our very own dairy’s double cream and milk, our clucky birds free range eggs, natural sugars and flavourings and a little bit of Farmer Dann’s magic.

Browse through our flavours, once you have tried one you will have to try them all.

Vanilla Royale

Our Vanilla ice cream is a very regal affair, using only the finest natural sugars and vanilla essence with seeds. A true melt in the mouth moment.


Our  Honeycomb ice cream is made using only the finest natural sugars and quality honeycomb. A creamy, chewy and seriously delicious treat!

Mint Chocolate

Our mint chocolate ice cream has a bit of a crunch and leaves the traditional mint choc chip begging for mercy.  Minty, crunchy, fresh and creamy, resistance is futile.

Wild Strawberry

Our Wild Strawberry ice cream has a true secret wild side.  Fresh, tasty Norfolk Strawberries are cooked just enough to bring out their natural flavour, then blended through the ice cream to create a dream. We then add wild forest strawberries, because we can, and you deserve them.


Our ginger ice cream is made by blending local sugars, crystallised ginger to our delicious ice cream base. Warming and udderly delicious!

Salted Caramel

Our Salted Caramel ice cream is a real indulgence for the mind. We blend caramel toffee with quality sea salt.


Our chocolate ice cream has been a true labour of love. Using only the finest quality chocolate blended slowly to produce a truly  indulgent chocolate experience.


Our Banoffee Praline ice cream is made with only the best, bananas, toffee and pecan pralines which create the most delicious melt in your mouth moment.

Blueberry Yoghurt

Our Blueberry Yogurt ice cream, yep, yogurt ice cream!! Is a lighter choice for those who have less of a sweet tooth. We use fresh Norfolk blueberries, natural yogurt and of course a delicious ice cream base to create an unusual take on the traditional frozen yogurt.

Peanut Butter

Our peanut butter is heart warming and will tick all the boxes for all you peanut butter lovers out there! Creamy and delicious, the perfect treat to have tucked away in your freezer!

Rum and Raisin

Our Rum and Raisin ice cream is made using our special ice cream base then blending local sugars with the finest raisins which have been soaked for 48 hours in hearty real rum for that true warming taste.


We infuse lavender flowers with our own fresh dairy milk and then gently add it to our award winning ice cream to create this delicate and refreshing taste of Norfolk.


Our coconut ice cream is made using our special base, which we then blend with local sugars and fresh coconut.

Toffee and Fudge

Our Toffee and Fudge ice cream takes the rich buttery taste of our farmhouse toffee ice cream up to the next level with the added mouth watering fudge! Delicious!!


Our coffee ice cream is made by steeping fresh coffee in our own dairy’s milk which we then use as a base for this award winning, soul soothing, ice cream. It has a mouth watering rich and deep coffee flavour.