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Now in our twenty first year, Chillis Galore are Richard & Kathy, who started growing chillis in 1990 in Spixworth near Norwich UK, mainly to obtain some different varieties to use in home cooking. To start with they were mainly Mexican varieties such as Ancho's and Passila's, the hottest variety then was the Red Habanero from the Caribbean. After a few successful years of chilli growing the website was started to share this knowledge, and over the years it has grown in popularity with now huge following worldwide.

This led on to us developing our own range of homemade chilli jellies, relishes and sauces in March 2000, which is still done the same way today, in our home kitchen, now in Drayton near Norwich. Every year we still grow our plants in greenhouses in our back garden where we grow different varieties each year to show, sell and use in our own products which involves keeping up with and growing the latest trending super hot chillis. The last few years have seen a slowdown in the quest for the "Hottest" chilli but with the continuing crossing of the superhot chillis there are still plenty of varieties to try and experiment with, although after all these years now we have our favorites.

Habanero Chilli Jam - A sweet hot chilli relish made with Habanero's, giving a fruity kick of heat to sweetness. Heatscale 7/10.

Caribbean Chilli Sauce - A hot fruity sauce made with Red Habanero's and mixed fruit, mainly pineapple, to give it a hot tropical flavour. Heatscale 7/10

Inferno Hot Sauce (Assam Naga & Chipotle Chilli) - Hot Chilli Sauce made with Bhut Jolokia Naga Chillis for heat and some smoked chilli to develop the smokier flavour even further, mixed in with tomato juice and spices. Heatscale 9/10.

The Ghost (Assam Naga Chilli) - Good extra hot chilli sauce, made with Fresh Assam Naga's. Heatscale 9/10.

Naga Chilli Jelly - Great fresh taste of the Naga, made with our homegrown Naga Bengle Chillis. Heatscale 9/10.

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