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Diddy Dann’s Ice Lollys


Our Diddy Dann’s lollies are lovingly hand made using fresh milk and cream from our herd of Holstein Friesian Cows, with flavours of Milk and Honey, Chocolate and Strawberry they are a firm favorite with young and old.

Milk and Honey

Our Milk and Honey Diddy Dann is made using purely ingredients from our farm, with a whopping 75% Milk and Cream, packed full of Calcium and Vitamin D.


Delicious local Norfolk strawberries are combined with milk and cream from our dairy to make these little delights. Our strawberries a gathered during peak picking season to ensure the most natural sweetness can be preserved, also allowing us to reduce the sugar in these tasty lollies.


Cocoa, Milk, Cream and Sugar are churned together to create a simply scrumptious lolly. They contain a massive     75% milk and cream which can help promote healthy  bone development.


As simple and delicious as it sounds, created purely using lemon juice.  A perfect dairy free alternative.