Delicious ice creams, lollies and sorbets made on our farm in idyllic rural Norfolk

We’re proud to make ice cream showing off the best of British dairy farming

Full cream, milk, and eggs from our cows and chickens make our delicious ice cream

We guarantee our ice cream goes from cow to freshly frozen ice cream in under an hour

We supply restaurants, gastro pubs, theatres, tourist attractions, farm shops, and more

Find out where you can buy our range of delicious ice cream, sorbets, and lollies

Welcome to Dann’s Farm

Our delicious range of ice creams, lollies and sorbets are made on our farm in the idyllic heart of rural Norfolk.

Generations of family dairy farming experience go into creating our delicious range of ice cream, along with milk from our 400-strong herd of pedigree Holstein-Friesian cows and eggs from our truly free-range chickens.

Using our own produce means that our ice cream can go from cow to cone in under an hour.

We are proud of being a small family business, hand making high-quality, luxury ice cream that is big on flavour.