• We use as many delicious, local and fresh fruits as possible in our sorbet range. Our elderflower is produced here on the farm, with other ingredients sourced from fellow Norfolk producers and growers.

    Customers living in Norfolk, and approximately 15 miles outside the county, can purchase our products for delivery. Simply use the drop down menus to select the size of product required and type in the quantity required. Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the payment screen. If you live outside of Norfolk and its immediate surrounds, please do not process your orders here – contact Dann’s direct on 01362 638116 or click here.

    • Get a refreshing taste of the county with our sorbet made with Norfolk raspberries.

    • Our lemon sorbet mixed with prosecco offers a refreshingly crisp, citrus taste that cleanses the palate

    • We use Norfolk strawberries to create a rich, rosy sorbet bursting with flavour.

    • Pure blackcurrant puree is used to create a fresh and cool sorbet that is a great accompaniment to any dessert.

    • This award-winning sorbet mixes the tart, sweet taste of Norfolk gooseberries with the subtle floral flavour of our homemade elderflower cordial.

    • A simple, yet supremely refreshing, classic. This super zingy sorbet is ideal as a light dessert or served in between courses at a dinner party.

    • Crisp and refreshing, this palate-cleansing sorbet is ideal a light dessert or served in between courses at a dinner party.

    • Bananas and toffee are blended with our luxury ice cream to create a superb taste experience.

    • A classic sorbet made using the finest sweet mango puree to create a luxurious, exotic and indulgent flavour.

    • This citrus sorbet is embodied with a refreshing and zesty orange taste. A superb way to end a meal.

    • Elegant, creamy and exotic, our coconut sorbet is an excellent standalone desert or accompaniment to a sweet dish.

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